yuzu | he/him | 21+

Hi, you can call me Yuzu. I struggle with deciphering emotions and expressing myself. I act a lot on instinct instead of character. I want to become someone I'm proud to be. Thusly, I'm working to manage this site as a sort of blog and form of self-expression.
You are welcome to join me.
I like to write fiction, and analyze others' media. I write and read about subjects only appropriate for adults. General content warnings are as follows:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana use
  • General R18+
  • Incest
  • Rape
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Subjects likely to be added as they come up. Read with caution.

These are simply ugly truths of the world that will or have touched us all. They are necessary to talk about. If you find these subjects triggering, please respect and take care of yourself. Step away.

With warnings out of the way, here is some more relevant information about myself.

I think everyone should make an effort to engage with and dissect the media they consume. Not in terms of how problematic it is, because that's not valuable. It's more worthwhile to consider the weight of something. I always think of media as meal. A chef has put together a dining experience for you. What kind of venue are you sitting in? The food is in front of you. Consider how it looks, how it tastes; think of the chef's perspective. What were they trying to achieve, how did they want you to feel as you ate it? Think past the feelings of "it's good, great, delicious, the best I've ever eaten". What do you taste as you chew and chew and chew? What does it do for you emotionally? Do you think of your mom? Figuring out how you, personally, value a narrative and its manifestation is the most fulfilling act of all.

I love tools for independent self-expression. I think independent artists are the most valuable of all. I hate contracts and the manufactored demand to make lighting strike twice. Artists who create from their soul, on their own schedule, are my most beloved. Marvel movies and Disney in general are killing art overall, in my opinion. They're just the fast food of the art world. Chicken nuggets are fine to indulge in every now and then, but if it's all you eat, try something a bit more filling.


Why do you follow the sites/blogs you do? I am moved by human creation. The fact that all of us can find meaning in creation moves me. If your site doesn't seem relevant to my personal interests, I probably cried looking at yours.