Song of the Week

What is Song of the Week? I love self-expression, and I love getting to experience others' self-expressions. Music is a powerful medium. I wanted to write about the songs that are making me feel, making me think.

Jan., 4th, 2022 Song of the Week:

Hsbf - Hot Freaks

Youtube link.

This song is so erotic, it drives me crazy. It drones and drags. It evokes a low feeling of sensuality. I love the apparent sense of one-sided love here, too. That's what high school was like, after all. Not to mention not knowing any better; "Tell me, shouldn't everybody feel like this? When you're in a situation like this, a relationship like this, it really does feel like there isn't anything else. It's high school, hormones are rampant. For some people, that means love, and for others, that means sex. In my experience, there's not a lot of overlap. That's why I love this song. It's sexy and erotic and those tones are used to cover up the emptiness the narrative is conveying.

My high school boyfriend baby, he tell me that he loves me.
He wraps his arms around,
I don't hear a single sound.