April., 2022 blog entries

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April 13th

This Week's Positives:

  • Committed to an extra evening shift
  • Cleaned up my room, did laundry
  • Spent quality time with my boyfriend

Sorry I missed this Sunday! I had taken an extra shift. To be honest, I was dreading it. I dislike working in the evenings, doing closing shifts. I took this one, though, because I had to call out the week before, and I can't really take the paycut. The shift sucked, but I got through it. The best part about working extra shifts is I get extra tips, too. So, alls well the ends well. Otherwise, its been a pretty average week. Honestly, not much to note! I worked, cleaned, and spent time with my boyfriend.

I'd really like to manage my money better. I have made improvements, but I'm not perfect. I actually have an addictive personality, and since I was a teenager I've been playing gacha games. I used to spend hundreds and hundreds, but I've managed to wrangle my bad habits to a degree. I couldn't afford the full month bus pass this week because of my spending. I've convinced myself that, since I'm paid biweekly, it's okay to spend a little extra, but.. it's not. I need to admit that I have a problem that's starting to negatively impact my life. I've never missed or been short on rent, I can still care for my cat, and meet my other needs.. but I never have any money for pop-up emergencies or even more fulfilling "wants" than mobile game .pngs. I want to face that and have a public record of this. My goal is no mobage spending for the next 2 weeks. Something small, that will hopefully help me get my foot in the door towards a free-to-play lifestyle.

On top of that, I really want to develop more fulfilling, non-electronic hobbies. I believe I've actually talked about this before! Last week I picked up some sewing supplies, and the only thing keeping me from moving forward is the patterning of the dresses I want to make. I don't have any experience with patterning or even modifying patterns, so I'm going to have to do a lot of research. It'll be worth it, though! I'm very excited about what I have planned, and I hope to share photos when I'm done. Thanks for dropping by again, and I hope you all have a good week.